Salsa & Bachata Courses Starting January 5th, 2019

Salsa Level 1:          5-6pm
Salsa Level 2.1:       6-7pm
Salsa Level 2.2:       7-8pm

Salsa Level 3.1:       8-9pm

Salsa Level 1:          7-8pm
Salsa Level 2.1:       8-9pm
Salsa Level 2.2:       9-10pm

Level 3.1: 8-9pm



Bachata Level 1:    6-7pm
Bachata Level 2.1: 7-8pm
Bachata Level 2.2: 8-9pm

Bachata Level 3:   9-10pm


Bachata Level 1:    7-8pm
Bachata Level 2.1: 8-9pm
Bachata Level 2.2: 9-10pm


Bachata Level 3:   8-9pm

Register Now at studio front desk or call us to register 044470773
WhatsApp 0501351185

New Kids Term Starting January 2019

Our next term starts on 12th of January and ends on 15th of June 2019 for all our kids classes, except for musical theatre, which will start on January 6th and ends before Ramadan. We are now accepting registrations for new and returning students.