Ballet Classes for kids in Dubai

Ballet Classes for kids

James & Alex is the best Dance Studio / School / Academy in Dubai for Ballet Dance Classes for Kids with the best Dance Curriculum and Dance Program.

Kids’ ballet dance is a form of dance tailored for children, typically ranging from preschool age to early adolescence. In kids’ ballet classes, young dancers are introduced to the fundamentals of classical ballet, including basic positions, movements, and techniques. These classes focus on building coordination, balance, flexibility, and grace in a fun and age-appropriate manner. Kids often wear ballet attire, including leotards and ballet shoes, and learn ballet routines and exercises suitable for their skill level.

1. *Age Range*: Our Kids’ ballet classes typically cater to children between the ages of 2 to 14, with classes often grouped by age and skill level.

2. *Developmental Benefits*: It helps improve posture, balance, and flexibility while promoting physical fitness and strength. It also enhances cognitive skills such as memory, creativity, and discipline.

3. *Curriculum*: The curriculum for kids’ ballet progresses gradually. Younger children start with basic movements and positions, while older ones advance to more complex techniques and choreography. Classes often include exercises at the barre (a railing for support) and center floor work.

4. *Attire*: Ballet attire for kids typically includes a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. Some classes may have specific dress code requirements. This uniform allows for freedom of movement and helps the instructor observe and correct form.

5. *Performances*: Our school offers opportunities for students to participate in end of term recitals & performances. This gives them a chance to showcase their skills and gain confidence in front of an audience.

6. *Safety*: Safety is a top priority in our kids’ ballet classes. Instructors ensure that young dancers perform movements correctly to prevent injury. Proper warm-ups and cool-downs are also part of the routine.

7. *Inclusive*: Our. Kids’ ballet classes are often open to children of all genders. It’s important to encourage inclusivity and diversity in dance.

Overall, kids’ ballet is not only about learning dance but also about fostering physical and mental growth in a supportive and creative environment. It can be a wonderful introduction to the world of dance for children and may lead to a lifelong appreciation for the art form.


Carmel Bondswell
Emily Fryer


Baby Ballet (Age 2-3yrs)
Tuesday 4pm (30 minutes)

Age 4-6yrs
Tuesday 4:30pm

Age 7+ yrs
Tuesday 5:30pm


Summer Term 1

Baby Ballet (2-3yrs)
Per Class (30mins) -AED 80

Per Term (14 weeks) – AED1100
*expires 3 months from date if purchase

Ballet (4-6yrs)
Per Class (1hr) -AED 85

Per Term (14 weeks) – AED1175
*expires 3 months from date if purchase

Ballet (7+yrs)
Per Class (1hr) -AED 85

Per Term (14 weeks) – AED1175
*expires 3 months from date if purchase