Salsa Classes in Dubai

Salsa Classes / Salsa Course / Salsa Lessons in Dubai

James & Alex is the best Dance Studio, School, Academy in Dubai for Salsa Classes & Course with the best Dance Curriculum and Dance Program.

Salsa is a frequent and vibrant dance with dynamic partner work that involves footwork and powerful body movement, it makes it one of the most popular dance styles around the world including Dubai.

At our Dance Studio in Dubai Media City, we teach a mix of LA and New York salsa styles, salsa routines and salsa combos focusing on leading and following techniques, man and lady styling and dance skills to help you progress to the next level.

At James & Alex Dance Studios we offer the finest and most practical salsa courses. Being the top Dance Studio in Dubai / top Dance School in Dubai / top Dance Academy in Dubai, our Salsa Instructors teach the proper salsa techniques that will make you shine on the dance floor in shortest time possible.

Our regular Salsa Courses and Salsa Classes are designed based on structured dance syllabus and dance curriculum that takes you from beginner level to improver level to intermediate level all the way to advance level with practical and realistic timeframe and give you the confidence to enjoy the best partner dance on the dance floor.

Your commitment to attend our dance classes will reflect on your quick dancing progress and you will feel extremely satisfied with your style, moves, footwork and body coordination with salsa music. All courses are taught as Salsa On1 (Salsa on 1); however, drop in and private classes for Salsa On1 and Salsa On2 are available. In addition, regular Cuban Salsa classes are offered include Rueda Casino Classes.

James & Alex Dance Studio is located in Dubai Media City and very near to Palm Jumeirah, JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence), Marina Walk, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Jumeirah One, Two, Three, Al Sufouh, The Greens, The Views, Emirates Hills, Top Golf Dubai, & Al Barsha 3

Who this course is for:

SALSA Dance Partner Work Courses (beginner / Intermediate / advanced)

  • All the essential techniques in Salsa Dance for leaders and followers
  • Secrets and tips only known by the best dancers in the world.
  • Routines that are technically broken down in fine detail for both leader and follower
  • Step by step guide by professionally trained dancers
  • All Salsa styles are covered: On1 / On2 / Ladies styling / Man styling

What we offer in our salsa courses:

We are focused in preparing you to develop your skills at a steady and easy pace. The idea is to slowly build up the techniques by specific fun drills. Overtime you will be able to switch between all the styles while you are dancing on the dance floor.


Level 1 (2-3 months / 8-12 weeks) offered twice a week.

The 3 months curriculum introduces you to the fundamentals of salsa with combinations and patterns that you can start using on the dance floor immediately. These levels are focused on the foundations and mainly focus on understanding the basic steps, basic turn patterns, connection, and music. Students start with a warm-up that teaches the basic steps and simple patterns. You will also learn to get close with your dance partner– no partner is necessary, as everyone rotates in class! While learning the basic step for this dance is easy, this dance is all about connection, control, and attitude! Finally, you will also be exposed to the music, the rhythms and counts for helping you develop strong ear training.


Level 2 (6 months) offered twice a week
Pre-requisite: Beginner Salsa Course

In this level you will be able to develop over the patterns you have learned in the previous courses. Students start with a warm-up that teaches salsa techniques, spins, stops and turns, and ladies hip movement / shoulder movements. More intricate steps, spinning, and specific patterns are the focus in partner-work, where students rotate to dance with each other. Emphasis is placed on smooth body movements and transitions, which characterize this dance. Furthermore, students will be introduced to the individual shines and dynamics of Salsa.


Level 3(4 months) offered twice a week.
Pre-requisite: Salsa Intermediate course/ Demo class with instructor to evaluate level.

As advanced dancers you will be taught complex techniques, modern combinations, tricks and dips, and advanced body movement. Learn how to execute complex figures and patterns. Learn body isolation exercises and drills to help you to incorporate the salsa body movement (afro Cuban / mambo / Pachanga, etc.) needed to make this dance look effortless.

Why choose our salsa course

Premium location in Dubai

Experienced Instructors for each lesson

Technique of Lead-Follow for all levels

FREE Social dancing after the lessons

Spacious Dance Floor with capacity of 50-100 people

Great music & friendly atmosphere

You do not need a partner.

You can start at any time.

Learn Salsa

Meet people!

Have fun!


Level 1
Sunday 8pm
Thursday 8pm

Level 1.5

Monday 7pm
Saturday 5pm

Level 2
Saturday 6pm
Monday 8pm

Level 3
Monday 9pm
Wednesday 9pm


Cristian Villa
Yenni Guzman
Ward Mhanna


Per Class – AED 85

10-Hour Salsa Only Package
AED650 expires 2months from date of purchase.

20-Hour Salsa Only Package
AED1200 *expires 4 months from date of purchase.


Wear any clothing you’d wear on a regular day and shoes that won’t slip off your feet easily or don’t grip the floor too much.

NOTE: Please remember you are dancing with a partner so personal hygiene is important.

You are never too old to dance or to learn to dance! We have adults of all ages taking our classes so you will not feel out of place.

No. We rotate partners throughout class so you’ll get a chance to dance with everyone and meet new friends! 🙂

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