Cha Cha

Cha cha is one of James & Alex’s favourite dance styles, a strong and powerful rhythmic dance with a very defined triple step that oozes class, style and can’t fail to make you get up and dance! Look out for their workshops and courses that will be offered from time to time.


James Castro & Alex de Smet


There are no courses or workshops coming up.

More details coming soon…


More details coming soon…

Private Lessons
Available upon request.


What clothing should I wear?

Wear any comfortable clothing and shoes that won’t slip off your feet easily or don’t grip the floor too much. Dance shoes are a great investment especially for the women.

NOTE: Please remember you are dancing with a partner so personal hygiene is important.

Do I need a partner?

You don’t need a partner to join our classes. There are several people who come alone and we rotate partners during the class.

Am I too old to dance?

You are never too old to dance or to learn to dance! We have adults of all ages taking our classes so you will not feel out of place.