We offer a variety of styles, including Hip Hop, Street Dance, Reggaeton and Afro Reggaeton.
Registrations can be made by e-mail or directly through our website.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop as a dance form comes in many different styles,  offering a wide array of interpretation from the dancers. From break dancing, to lyrical, to locking, Hip Hop has a style for everyone. At the James & Alex Dance Studios, we will make you discover the diversity behind this versatile dance style, with tailored classes that will show you in detail just how it’s done.



Yana Andriuschencko

Elena Shevchenko


Drop-In Classes
Street Dance (Intermediate)
Monday, 8.30-9.30PM

Street Dance (Beginners)
Wednesday at 9-10PM

Hip Hop (All Levels)
Tuesday, 9-10PM

Reggaeton (All Levels)
Sunday, 8-9PM

Afro Reggaeton (All Levels)
Saturday, 6-7PM


Per hour = AED 70

12-hour package = AED 690 *Expires 5 months from date of purchase. 

24-hour package = AED 1260 *Expires 10 months from date of purchase. 

Private Lessons
Available upon request.


What clothing should I wear?

Wear any comfortable clothing and trainers/sneakers for shoes.

Am I too old to dance?

You are never too old to dance or to learn to dance! We have adults of all ages taking our classes so you will not feel out of place.