Our next 4-week Contemporary Course start on Sunday 4th February at 7:30pm for beginner and improvers level. Drop in class is every Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday at 4pm.
Registrations can be made by e-mail or directly through our website.


Contemporary dance incorporates elements from various styles of dance, namely classical, modern and jazz. It combines ballet technique, floor work, improvisation and characteristics of modern dance. It has also become one of the most popular dance forms for trained dancers.

Contemporary dance is suitable for people of all abilities and ages and focuses on strength training and flexibility.


Carmel Bondswell


Drop-In Classes

Beginner & Improver:
Sat at 4pm

Beginner & Improver:
Tues at 7pm

(*Spaces are limited and pre-booking is mandatory.
Pre-booking can be done by email or directly on our website.)


Per hour = AED 70

12-hour package = AED 770 *Expires 5 months from date of purchase. (Can be used for all classes except Pole Fitness.)

24-hour package = AED 1470 *Expires 10 months from date of purchase. (Can be used for all classes except Pole Fitness.)

Progressive courses
4 weeks = AED 295

Private Lessons
Available upon request.


What clothing should I wear?

Wear any comfortable clothing that allows free movement such as shorts, leggings or sweat pants and a t-shirt or tank top. No shoes are necessary as you will be barefoot in the class. We also have a selection of leotards, shorts, skirts and paws available in our studio shop.

What is the difference between the drop-in classes and courses?

Our drop-in classes are ongoing so you can join at anytime and attend whenever you’re available. You can pay per class or purchase a 12 or 24 hour package. If you cannot commit to regular classes or just want to see what the class is all about, this option is the best for you.

Our courses are progressive and continue for 5, 6 or 7 consecutive weeks depending on the course. If you’re looking for something progressive and consistent, this is the option of you.

Next course start dates:
11th January (7 weeks)
1st March (5 weeks)
5th April (6 weeks)
17th May (6 weeks)

Am I too old to dance?

You are never to old. We have students taking classes at all ages, so at any age you should not feel out of place in our classes.


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